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Riingly was founded to help Real Estate Investors keep up with their leads.  We specialize in not just calling your leads, but nurturing them – building those relationships and rapport to help the leads out of their troublesome situations, and help you buy more houses. 

Our lead management specialists will maintain consistent contact with your buy prospects, helping you get an appointment when they’re ready to sell.

Riingly’s use of industry best practices and great data management, enables you to focus on your core business while immediately leveling up your team’s capabilities.


  • Premium Lead Management 

  • Paper to Digital 

  • Data Enrichment 

  • Jump Start – for new investors

Lead Management

Lead Management includes making follow-up calls and keeping your CRM current.  We will be there when they’re ready for an appointment, or get updated information as things change in their lives.

Riingly lead management specialists make sure new data is entered properly in your CRM, automated emails and texts are running, and generally keep it clean and tidy.  An up-to-date database leads to better data for marketing decisions and better tracking for your business!

Lead management specialists complete a comprehensive training program to manage your leads with confidence and accuracy.  

Packages are based on our customized evaluation of your leads database. In addition, there is a comprehensive onboarding process to align office processes and procedures to ensure our mutual success.  

Data Management

Paper to Digital services – if your lead data is not in your CRM, and you’re now switching over, we can get that information entered for you.  

Data Enrichment – Get updated information on older leads, great for keeping lead data current and making contact more effective with leads.  

Jump Start – Start your investing career with confidence!  Learn best practices, processes, and information for organizing yourself and your office for success.  


Meet the Team

  • Sue Carey, Founder

  • Lisa Mundo, Account Manager

  • Deneice Daniels, Sales Manager

  • Tyler Hatch, Financial Analyst

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